I want to mint an NFT using a JSON file using plu-ts, but I don't know how and where to start.

Do I need to create a Node? OR Do I need to write it in Haskel? I have read and performed everything from the official documentation of the plu-ts but it has been confusing for me. If anyone can help me out here I'll be very thankful. Even a video would help.

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plu-ts maintainer here, really happy to see you are using the tool!

If I understand correctly you are trying to mint an NFT using a native script, and you are trying to construct the transaction with the offchain part of plu-ts

I see this post is 5 months old, and the tool has evolved a lot since then, and with it the documentation.

I'll leave here the link to the latest docs for convenience.

to include a minting script in the transaction (independently if it is plutus or native script) you can specify it in the mint property of buildSync

you can see it expects a script, in your case a native script.

you can construct a Script instance specifying it is a "NativeScript", followed by your json source; here is an example

const myNativeScript = new Script(
        type: "before",
        slot: 10_000_00

if you still have issues I encourage you to join the Harmonic Labs discord server, where me or other fellow developers will be happy to help you out


Why plutus? It sounds like a native script is perfect for your use case. https://developers.cardano.org/docs/native-tokens/minting/

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