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Nami wallet API implementation example for web app

The best resource I am aware of for you to get started integrating with Nami wallet is this repository: The sample (available via a Live ...
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How Do I Deploy a Wallet Connector to the Website in a Safe Way

Here is an example using Nami and blockfrost for you to review: Another smaller example: ...
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Handling multi-address wallets in web apps

Regarding number 1. Single Address Wallets aside from Nami and Lace, which you mentioned, are Eternl which have single address mode, and Typhon which allows you to convert the wallet to a single ...
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Verify if signing wallet is same wallet that generated a particular policy id

I think you can do this, the policy ID is the hash of a script which usually includes the hash of the public key of a key pair, of which the private key is used to sign the minting transaction. You ...
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Is there a Cardano Quickstart Application?

There are a few example contracts in plutus-apps repo. AlwaysSucceeds is the simplest, allowing one to lock funds and another to unlock them. Make sure to check the spending script documentation to ...
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How can I grant an NFT holder a one time action in a web app?

Integrate with a browser wallet (Nami, ccvault, ...) so users can log in with their wallet on your web-app. Let the users sign a message to prove they really own the wallet. Check on server side if ...
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How do you populate NFT (images) in-game?

2 ways: Blockfrost API (Easy): Query a wallet's address UTXOs. If an NFT is owned by the wallet you can find it here.{address}~...
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