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Can the creator of the App provide collateral for the user?

Yes, collateral is just an UTXO, the dApp backend could provide one to be used and sign the transaction on the backend. Also, regarding the bad UX, with the changes in the last hard fork, there is no ...
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Transfering NFT from CLI to your Nami wallet

All you need to do is to create a simple transaction sending the asset to your receiving Nami wallet in form of "$tokenamount $policyid.$tokenname".
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How to detect a wallet change event

As far as I know, there isn't. You probably need to check the periodically.
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how to use the transaction created using. cardano cli to be signed by a wallet in frontend

Basically, there are two ways: After getting the transaction in the frontend, load the CBOR to CSL (cardano-serialization-lib), and proceed from there. The workflow would be: build the transaction ...
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File 'blockfrost-mainnet.key' specified in the --blockfrost-token-file can't be read

Your probably did not mount your blockfrost-mainnet.key and therefore it is not accessible within the Docker container. Check the docker documentation about bind mounts.
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Collateral Address for react app

According to CIP-30 "api.getCollateral()" so you can get it in your react application by using: const api = await window.cardano[WALLET-NAME].enable() const changeAddress = await api....
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