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Is on-chain voting limited to just the Cardano treasury?

The on chain voting features coming with the Voltaire rollout will allow users to use those voting systems for other things because they are part of the base protocol. So incorporating voting on chain ...
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Catalyst voting power not including staking rewards?

Looks like it does not at this time. If you use Yoroi and move the rewards over from the reward key to the main wallet that is one work around. The other would be to have a tx on Daedalus as that ...
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How and when we will be able to use Catalyst for our own projects to vote?

You can already vote using the Catalyst mobile app if you have ADA in a wallet you control. That said, it's still in a kind of beta phase that depends on the Ideascale platform. In the end, there will ...
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Project Catalyst Voting, did not save QR code, but have transaction ID and Pin, can I use this?

No, the transaction only contains the public key, and the pin code is used to decrypt the private key from the QR code. If you don't have the QR code, you don't have the private key.
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voting with Catalyst

You either have to vote with your first account, than reinstall the app (or just wipe its storage) and vote again with your second account. Alternatively you can use any application cloning app on iOS ...
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Catalyst App still showing Fund9 and connection in progress

The Voting app is inactive at the moment. It will receive an update soon in anticipation of a vote before Fund10. In addition to this, that date for the start of Fund10 is not accurate: there is no ...
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Is there an open source plutus voting dapp?

At the current time I have found no implementation of a voting dapp for DAO's. But of course you could make one yourself. As Waalge suggested you could use some multisig functionality to to vote with ...
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Is there an open source plutus voting dapp?

IOG provide examples of various common things. This includes multisig type functionality which can be used akin to voting ...
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Voting fund 6 not working

Registration for fund6 is now closed, last call was on Oct 4 - 11AM UTC. As @Aron Neewart said, you probably need to update your app if you don't see fund6. Anyway, now is too late to register, do ...
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Is a Ledger Live Native ADA App with Staking and Voting Functionality in Development?

As far as I know, there is no development on these functionality from the Ledger team.
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