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Get transaction unspent output value

You don't need your payment signing key nor your staking signing key to get the list of UTxOs of any address, as this is public information. Though, you will need your spending private key to use a ...
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What's the Lars' UTXO diagrams tool?

The tool can be found here. Lars himself confirmed it in this Discord message.
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How can I build a transaction to send different assets (not just ada) using Cardano Serialization Lib? The example above from Özgür Akkurt on GitHub demonstrates how to mint native tokens in JS, assuming you are looking for that ...
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Do I need to validate for minADAUTxO output in Smart Contract validator?

In theory no; In practice maybe. If min ada is not present in each output then the Tx will fail regardless of validator. But. Min ada as implemented in Plutus is hardcoded to 2 ada. This is not how ...
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