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Will Daedalus have a Fiat payment gateway?

There is nothing specific apart from the fact that in one of Charles' interviews (I cannot find it at the moment) he mentioned that after there are DEXs and other components it will be very easy to ...
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Will the Cardano Rust project eventually allow you to write Smart Contracts?

No, the project in question is a toolbox that has been used in the Byron era of Cardano and could be considered outdated right now. When someone implements the Cardano node in Rust, it will have to ...
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Wallet transfer upon death - what process is the safest for transferring wallet details to family members after death?

You could use a safety deposit box containing the wallet keys with ownership of the box going to your spouse/family member on death. That way you can share the key with your spouse/family member ...
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Cardano Serialization: How does Ed25519KeyHash work

In lieu of up-to-date documentation, the best approach is to look at how current projects are using the library. E.g.
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Will Daedalus have a Fiat payment gateway?

I believe I've heard rumors for just this; although I'm not turning up anything now. However, according to this the Yoroi Chrome extension provides this functionality. But I wouldn't know, I don't use ...
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