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Can I avoid using a public IP on Block-Producer (BP) node?

Each of your Cardano nodes needs a static IP address to communicate between each other. You can use IP or domain names. Block Producer (BP) node For better security, you can choose to set a private IP ...
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Is hydra.iohk.io just down or has there been a change in .json configs’ provisioning?

The hydra.iohk.io site went through unexpected retirement (and may not be restored). But the release notes for 1.35.4 already have updated links for binary download (which points to update-cardano-...
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Will transactions created with a local cardano-node be faster if I add more relays to my node topology file?

If your connection(s) to the IOHK-hosted relays was in fact the problem, then yes, connecting to other SPO relay nodes should help alleviate the issue. I couldn't find one single list containing pools'...
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Highly-available relay node (round robin & Ouroboros)

Short Answer: No there is not any technical limitations from the protocol or topology updater preventing you from doing this. Considerations: Starting external and working in, we need to consider the ...
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