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Fetching exchange prices via an API?

MuesliSwap does provide some API endpoints that you could look into: https://docs.muesliswap.com/cardano/api There's a ticker that provides "24-hour pricing and volume summary for each market ...
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How did SundaeSwap solve the scalability issue associated with consuming the same UTxO more than once in the same block?

A good thing to remember when developing on Cardano is that there exists no global state! The state and its history of the blockchain is captured in a graph, where the current state of the chain are ...
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When there are multiple liquidity pools for the same pair on SundaeSwap, which one is used for my trade?

According to the CIO of SundaeSwap on Discord it's "picking the pool that gives you the best rate for your trade size". So in theory I believe, yes, it should only be a UI issue. However, I ...
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