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What is the Cardano's equivalent to the Ethereum's EVM?

There is no Cardano equivalent to the EVM because code execution on Cardano is mostly an off-chain process. In short, "smart contracts" is a bit of a misnomer because of how very different ...
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Poly Network attack - lessons for Plutus devs?

[In short] "Things can go wrong in any software" is a statement that misses a mammoth fact. The probability of occurrence can vary on an astronomical scale, like the probability of a bug in ...
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Poly Network attack - lessons for Plutus devs?

This is a very broad question but here's what I think regarding this topic. Without any of the benefits of hindsight, are there reasons why the exploit would have been less likely to occur in Plutus ...
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Api for historical USD rates?

Coingecko is what comes to my mind. Checkout -> /coins/{id}/history
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Is the KEVM Testnet Faucet working as described in this Document?

if you're migrating from the Ethereum L1/ecosystem into the Cardano ecosystem with an EVM-dependent project then Milkomeda is currently the go-to EVM-compatible extension of Cardano. It's presently ...
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Is there any eth_sign equivalent signing method in plutus?

You can find functions for message signing and signature checking in packacke plutus-ledger, module Ledger.Oracle. Also, why whould you need a smart contract for this?
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