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8 votes

Does pool pledge amount impact odds of getting a block?

A high pledge does not increase the chance for the stakepool to get a block, but it does give a higher reward for the stakepool with a larger pledge than the other one. A estimation of assigned blocks ...
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7 votes

Does an unmet pledge prevent a pool producing blocks, or only prevent rewards?

The slots to make a block are pre-scheduled and the pool can make them even if the pledge is not fulfilled - but the pool will not get any rewards. (It also means that all delegators do not get any ...
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4 votes

Why do Binance stake pools pledge nothing?

DISCLAIMER: There is no official statement from Binance on that topic, so I can only speculate. Binance is running (similar to other big exchanges) a very large amount of pools. To be able to provide ...
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4 votes

Does the rewards on the pledge stake address count toward the stake pool pledge?

Normally, (UTxO + stake rewards) constitute the total stake. So the rewards are part of the pledge. One confirmation would be nice !
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3 votes

Individual pledge amount in Stake Pool with multiple pool owners

The pool registration certificate only declares who the owners are and what the total pledge is required to be met. The individual pledge owners must register and delegate their stake key just like ...
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1 vote

Changing Pledge amount on the stake pool

With a new pool registration certificate, you will change some of the parameters, like pledge in your case. It has no influence on the blocks the pool is minting. The only potential problem is that ...
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1 vote

Stake Pool Pledge: Must the pledge amount be part of the active stake? Is Live stake okay?

Can I increase the pledge amount immediately after the ada is added to the owner wallet - Yes. or should I wait 2 epochs until the amount is active? No.
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