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What is the Cardano's equivalent to the Ethereum's EVM?

There is no Cardano equivalent to the EVM because code execution on Cardano is mostly an off-chain process. In short, "smart contracts" is a bit of a misnomer because of how very different ...
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How does a Cardano DApp client authorize a payment?

That sounds correct. However, you're very flexible in who composes the transaction and who actually submits it to the network. In general at some point a transaction needs to be signed by the end user'...
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Why do we need the PAB and how does it work?

This is my understanding. the runEmulatorTraceIO was executing transactions on an "Emulated chain" and "Emulated Wallet" and had did not interact with the outside world or real ...
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PAB connection to public testnet or mainnet (Example/Tutorial)

You have the best instruction here Also after the setup on the above link, you can use this starter project generated from the Plutus ...
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POSIXTime as payload

I had troubles making POSIXTime a part of JSON payload, you can just unwrap the Integer inside and use it instead. Anyway, JSON serialization is implemented here, you can check that instance for ...
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How to run Plutus code on Alonzo Purple without the PAB?

For now, and until we have tools for it (the PAB for instance), you have to write your off-chain code as CLI transactions, which is obviously not ideal but the only solution at the moment. I suggest ...
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Upload Smartcontract to Blockchain

PAB stands for Plutus Application Backend and as a backend is nothing more than a server responding to requests. The PAB takes care of smart contract interaction through the creation of transactions. ...
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Using Endpoints in a PAB Schema

Here is my code I used to setup the PAB contract instances which works for the PAB simluator. getDefinitions = [ InitLottoContract, UseLottoContract ] getSchema = \case ...
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Why can't the PAB webserver find a socket in PAB-Nami demo?

Start up a Cardano Node. Also, make sure to set the node socket path to to location of your node.sock file is: export CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH=/cardano-node/example/socket/
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Getting TypeError: EC is not a constructor running pab-nami

You're right. There's a bug open internally for this. In future, it's best to raise questions here and bug reports over in the plutus-apps Github repo. I've also raised it there now: #357
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How to start a instance of a SC with PAB and Nami wallet?

walletId is an identification of a wallet within PAB, so there is no way to provide it with an id outside the system. To list you current wallets, run: > curl -H "content-type: application/...
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How can I get a fully built transaction from the PAB

You cannot. If you want to use the PAB, you need to send the necessary information from the wallet (utxos, pkh, whatever your script needs) in the frontend and then yield the unbalancedTx back to the ...
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Project One: IOHK light wallet in the making - where to find the source code?

As far as I know, the wallet or its source code is not yet release. If you are looking for a metamask equivalent, you might want to check Nami wallet.
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Where can I find a good tutorial for PAB?

Lecture #6 and #10 from Plutus Pioneer Program would be a good start although it might be a bit outdated because there has been many changes since the lectures were published, and PAB itself does not ...
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Where is the Datum stored in PAB?

Datum and redeemer (all required data for script execution) are stored on-chain as well so the node can optionally verify the script execution outcome when replaying the chain. Since chainindex ...
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How to get the final balances using the PAB+ the simulator?

You need to include these lines at the end: Simulator.logString @(Builtin TestContracts) "Balances at the end of the simulation" b <- Simulator.currentBalances Simulator.logBalances @(...
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Plutus-starter - cannot start contract instance

My Plutus build has an old version of the Wallet package (see I could get the contract instance ID by running: curl -s -H "Content-Type: ...
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Hypothetically, could someone other than the Cardano Foundation or IO publish an application back end first?

There would simply be two competing libraries and users could simply choose which one they prefer.
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