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What are oracle services going to look like on Cardano?

An early oracle-like service run by the community is already running. It will not provide data to smart contacts, but various dApps might be able to consume its resources if they can read on-...
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What are oracle services going to look like on Cardano?

In Dec 2020 IOHK (IOG) announced that they intended to partner with Wolfram on Oracles for Cardano. Initial phases were planned to commence in Q2-Q3 of 2021. Given the timeframe, I believe they will ...
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Is there a way for a contract to look at the duration of the timeslot?

Simple timelocking scripts have been around since before smart contracts were launched, though they do rely on slot length as their notion of time. You can read more about them at IOHK's simple ...
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Issues with oracle concurrency

Maybe you could add a timestamp in the utxo's datum, to set how long this utxo is valid. And after this time has passed the utxo cannot be used in a transaction except that the smart-contract can ...
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How to build smart contract depending on trusted server for additional information

Unfortunately, there is no way to make http calls from on-chain. The only way to have off-chain information available on-chain is via transactions. Either the caller of the smart contract can bring ...
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How does Oracle execute update operations?

Since Indigo has just open-sourced their smart contracts including Oracle. I've just found answers to my questions. Question 1: How frequently will Oracle data be updated? Answer: It depends on ...
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Decentralized Private Content Storage and Accessing

Storing large data chunks (like video) on chain is always a bad idea. You should store in on something like IPFS and store the IPFS URL on chain.
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How can an oracle guarantee certain update rates respectively uptime?

If "too many transactions want to consume the oracle eUTxO", you can implement a deadline and after deadline the oracle's utxo is no longer usable(or consumable) and can only be updated by ...
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