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Understanding do notation with Monads in Plutus Pioneer Week 04

The 'secret' is in the bindWriter function that drive the Writer monad. instance Monad Writer where return a = Writer a [] (>>=) = bindWriter It is the bindWriter function that ...
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Test-Focused EvaluatorTrace Monad?

There are now test capabilities in the Plutus.Contract.Test module which uses the Tasty library. This is explained more fully in the unit tests section of lecture 8 of iteration 1 of the Plutus ...
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Whats Your Mental Model For Monads?

Just read one definition: A monad is just the minimal amount of structure needed to overload a function composition in a way that performs an extra computation on the intermediate value. My ...
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How to define the return type of `callEndPoint` appropriately?

I don't know if this is what you expect but there are three ways to get rid of warnings: add {-# LANGUAGE MonoLocalBinds #-}, like the warning hints don't give a type for payTo and let Haskell ...
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