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Cannot find wrapMintingPolicy after updating to latest release of plutus-apps

You could try to replace Scripts.wrapMintingPolicy with Scripts.mkUntypedMintingPolicy ... import Plutus.Script.Utils.V1.Typed.Scripts qualified as Scripts ... $$(PlutusTx.compile [|| \ ...
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Getting the CurrencySymbol of PlutusV2 MintingPolicy

You can use Plutus.Script.Utils.V2.Scripts.scriptCurrencySymbol
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Unable to deploy Plutus NFT Minting Policy parametrized by TxOutRef using cardano-cli

Ok, I think I have it... oref_1 = TxOutRef { txOutRefId = TxId "9c087132a325f6483aca8398bab1a56eda1390e762984ba054c25cafd738486c" , txOutRefIdx = 1 } This is not doing what you expect....
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Are NFT policies interchangeable between networks?

As it turns out, they are. I've minted NFTs on preprod and mainnet with the exact same keys and policy. Here's the policy on preprod:
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