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How to make module Week07.EvenOdd fairer with player2 in case player2 wins the game

Here, I've implemented a possible solution following Lars' approach. Basically: When player1 starts the contract, apart from locking the game stake value, player1 will lock a value player1Deposit ...
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Is it possible to change the minimum ada value for an UTxO?

The minAda requirement is given by the protocol parameters and is a core parameter that cannot be changed for individual UTxOs. If you want to create non-transferable tokens on Cardano, please check ...
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Do I need to validate for minADAUTxO output in Smart Contract validator?

In theory no; In practice maybe. If min ada is not present in each output then the Tx will fail regardless of validator. But. Min ada as implemented in Plutus is hardcoded to 2 ada. This is not how ...
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