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Why does api.getRewardAddresses() return an array and does it matter?

The reason for the return type to be an array is CIP-18 (while it is not implemented yet, it is already taken into account in the web wallet bridge specification CIP-30). So currently there should not ...
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NFT Minting with cip68 standard

In order to use Mesh for Cip 68 you will need to concat the (hexed)assetname with the correct prefix in order to avoid Mesh's hex conversion on submission. Here are the correct prexfixes to add to the ...
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"The second data argument, does not decode to a context" when minting NFT with Mesh

As Manu already mentioned it seems like the provider on which wallet.submitTx is based on is passing a Contex of PlutusV1 while your script expects a context of PlutusV2 this is not the fault of mesh; ...
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