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Is there an equivalent to the Wallet Connect protocol in the Cardano ecosystem?

There is no open standard published right now, but work is ongoing to create one. Emurgo is working on porting the EIP-0012 Ergo standard that the Yoroi Ergo dApp connector is using to Cardano. Have a ...
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How are DeFi projects funded (beyond Project Catalyst & external funds)

You are indeed right. I have seen plenty of DeFi projects get their funds by offering a 2017-style ICO model. YaySwap (not an endorsement, just an example) is one of these projects that takes ADA and ...
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Does Cardano has flash loans DeFi?

The only information I could find is .
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When there are multiple liquidity pools for the same pair on SundaeSwap, which one is used for my trade?

According to the CIO of SundaeSwap on Discord it's "picking the pool that gives you the best rate for your trade size". So in theory I believe, yes, it should only be a UI issue. However, I ...
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What is the point of borrowing on Defi

I personally have many ideas. Some people need to borrow and that's OK. If I were to lend someone money though, I'd expect interest to be paid and the principal to slowly go down and usually, one ...
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Are there any plans to have a bridge between the Cardano and Cosmos blockchains?

The Cosmos Blockchain and Atom token are not based on ERC-20, they support their transfer, so there is no prospect that the Cardano ERC-20 converter could be used directly. No mention has been made of ...
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