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How to decode cbor which is generated with cardano-cli build command?

Been thinking about this question for a while. I haven't yet found a way to decode the specific 57 byte cbor to an addr-style address, but I suspect it will involve using the above keymappings in some ...
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Is there a way to go from a TxId to a Tx?

The answer is no. A TxId is hash digest (blake2b-256) of the serialized transaction body. By construction, a hash is non-reversible ( In ...
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Nami wallet address format to addr_test1 format

Also you can use Cardano Serialization Lib with the class Adress and the method Address.toBech32() : let HexAddress = "...
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Nami wallet address format to addr_test1 format

They are encoded in different formats as the followings: Bech32 Format: addr_test1qzu70xm8hsez6nvmpgk4gjf48ev0y2hw5w7nf8xaxc658lzwczusckqvzzg630pxnzwj3pqza5q4c8r504ffq6v2zh6qgznxt7 Hex Format: ...
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