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ERC721 Converter?

There have not been any plans announced to create an ERC721 converter. ERC-721 defines some functions with compliance to ERC-20. This makes it easier for existing wallets to display simple token ...
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How to get a base 16 hex BuiltinString from getTxId

I was able to resolve this issue by converting (encoding) the BuiltinByteString from getTxId into a hex format. From there I was able to inpsect the hex digits. Below is an onchain encodeHex ...
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Convert xpub public key from ccvault to bech32 or acct_ public key

You can use the bech32 command line software that comes preinstalled with cardano-wallet. Install bech32 or cardano-wallet. Here is an example: Say I have an cc.xpub file from ccvault like this: ...
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Will ERC-20 converter support the legacy ERC-20 token itself?

This is a good question but I think converting is more for the developer converting their token(Smart Contract) to run on Cardano without requiring a full code rewrite as ERC20 contract is based on ...
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ERC-20 converter - How will it be possible for someone holding AGI tokens on an exchange to know whether they have ERC-20 AGI or Cardano Native AGI?

The original Ethereum tokens are known as AGI tokens The translated tokens that are Cardano tokens are AGIX tokens. The X at the end of the name differentiates them.
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