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What is the purpose of use using Cardano-graphql & hasura in the same stack?

Hasura is a cloud service where you can deploy cardano-graphql in a very easy and straight forward way, since it is oriented to graphql APIs. So no, you don't need both. cardano-graphql is very ...
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Does provide public api?

To figure out if an NFT has been transferred to another wallet, you have to check the transactions the NFT was involved in. You can get that information from the blockchain using for example the koios ...
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Api for historical USD rates?

Coingecko is what comes to my mind. Checkout -> /coins/{id}/history
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Does provide public api?

You have to register on their site, then create a project. If you have an existing nft project, you'll need the policy keys and a wallet. The items labeled as projectuid and nftuid are custom IDs you ...
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I have a cardano internal error

As mentioned by others above, allocate more RAM to this system. Check the IOG specs for minimum RAM needed, I think it's 16GB now. You can also increase your swap space to say 20GB as a temp work ...

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