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cardano-cli submit error: ScriptWitnessNotValidatingUTXOW

Try to follow the transaction pattern found here toward the end of the page. It worked for me. You need to add --mainnet \ --alonzo-era \ --witness-override 2 \ You can probably drop the --invalid-...
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How to properly start a new Plutus project, from scratch

You can start with cloning and follow the readme in that repo
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I have a cardano internal error

As mentioned by others above, allocate more RAM to this system. Check the IOG specs for minimum RAM needed, I think it's 16GB now. You can also increase your swap space to say 20GB as a temp work ...
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Cardano-cli minting gives FeeTooSmallUTxO error when no collateral

Solution to this problem: add --witness-override to the transaction build. Here are the transaction build/sign/submit statements: cardano-cli transaction build --testnet-magic 2 --tx-in ...
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How to figure out what address to query for utxos when minting

If you run this bash script, you will create a wallet, load it in cardano-wallet and get all the info you need, including the address you are needing. The script if going to create some files for the ...

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