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How can I go about creating an Asset Fingerprint in Java?

You have to first convert blakeHash bytes from 8 bits to 5 bits unsigned integer and then call Bech32.encode(). Sample code: public static void main(String[] args) throws DecoderException { ... ...
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Blockfrost API and about an asset does not match

Blockfrost doesn't return the results ordered by quantity (but by time, see here), so you'd have to page through the results to see more than those 100 addresses and find the ones you're looking for. ...
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send token / asset by cardano-CLI

The only difference between building a regular ADA-only transaction and one that contains ADA + asset(s) is in the cardano-cli transaction build-raw step that follows the multi-asset syntax as ...
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send token / asset by cardano-CLI

The tx-out of the build-raw command is the only thing that is different for sending assets. Instead of address+1000000 it will be address+"1000000 + 5 <policy id><<asset name>"...
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send multiple assets in one transaction

Yes you can. A single cardano transaction may contain multiple inputs per address from multiple wallets, so long as the transaction contains a signature for every unique address from which a UTXO is ...
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Get Transaction History Given Policy ID using Blockfrost API

Unfortunately Blockfrost currently requires the concatenated policy and asset name to query asset transactions but you can use the Koios API instead with just the policyId since the asset name is ...
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4 purchased CNFTs showing no asset image?

where do you try to check and you find no asset image? for all your assets i check on links below, using the asset ID next to :
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