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For questions on how to use the cardano-serialization-library, a library for serialization & deserialization of data structures used in Cardano’s Haskell implementation of Shelley, along with useful utility functions.

0 votes
2 answers

Is there good examples for building a transaction using serialization-lib?

I am trying to find an example of building a simple Tx of ADA in, ADA out type of transaction using sterilization-lib to get cbor and pass it to Wallet.signTx(cbor). has a great …
  • 27
0 votes

Smart contract is not working after Vasil Hardfork in testnet

have you solved the issue? After the HF the cardano-cli transaction build command should include --babbage-era. Adding this, I was able to spend smart contract utxo.
  • 27
0 votes
0 answers
1 view

Issue in Submitting Native Minting Scripted Transaction with Ledger

Using CSL I have successfully built a minting transaction with a native script. Using Nami, Eternl or Flint not connected to hardware wallets I am able to sign the transaction and submit it. However, …
  • 27