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A light wallet for Cardano. Available as a browser-extension and as a mobile app.

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Ledger 24-word seed vs Daedalus/Yoroi 24-word seed recovery process does not generate the same ADAs addresses

Using a Daedalus/Yoroi wallet with the 24-word seed and a new Ledger Nano S Plus. I tried to use the 24-word seed to "recover" the (daedalus) wallet in a new Ledger Nano S Plus, (using ...
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Yoroi and Typhon return FeeTooSmallUtxo error when submitting transaction

I've been playing around with cardano-serialization-lib and building different types of transactions with TransactionBuilder. However, when I calculate fee and change using add_change_if_needed(addr) ...
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Ledger Nano S undetected when Redeem Yoroi Reward - Brave

I have a Yoroi account linked to a Ledger hw ( model s). When I tried to redeem my rewards it asked to connect my ledger, which I did. My ledger is on but Yoroi says that no device is detected... I'm ...
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Yoroi and Ledger nano S seed phrase

I'm writting you today because I've a question about seed phrase. I'm a big fan of the cardano project (especially the vision) but sometimes I can be lost with the tech! To make it simple, I have a ...
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