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Onchain validation fails for hard-coded pkh

When modifying the week5 code in e.g. Signed.hs from mkPolicy pkh () ctx = txSignedBy (scriptContextTxInfo ctx) $ unPaymentPubKeyHash pkh to the hard-coded pkh from Wallet 1, mkPolicy pkh () ctx = ...
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what is "WalletError (ValidationError (ScriptFailure (EvaluationError [\"PT5\"] \"CekEvaluationFailure\")))" when trying in playground?

I have Homework1 of week 5, and it works in the repl (meaning, the test gives the expected result). However, when I try the script in the playground (and remove the test - I don't think that makes a ...
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NFT minting using unique base64 encoded asset as input

Regarding the Week05 course material. It is recommended in the lecture on NFT minting policy that rather than rely on a deadline and constraint of 1 token per mint, that a unique input such as a UTxO ...
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Empty TokenName Literal Overloading in Week05 Homework2

This doesn't work mkPolicy oref () ctx = traceIfFalse "UTxO not consumed" hasUTxO && traceIfFalse "wrong amount minted" checkMintedAmount ...
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