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VSCode setup for Typescript with Lucid and Deno

Although all my code have been compiling successfully, in VSCode linting for .ts files, I get a warning message for "Could not find name Deno" and "Could not find module '"https://...
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VSCode HLS not working for plutus project

System Info: Ubuntu :20.04 I am trying to get VSCode HLS extension working for plutus based project but seeing below error in output. Failed to get project GHC version: no cradle [Info - 3:27:24 p.m.]...
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How do I set Up a Cabal file?

Whats a basic template I should use for cabal files that is easily customisable?
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VS Code Remote VM IntelliSense Issues

I was having trouble getting Plutus running properly on Windows & WSL2, so I spun up an Ubuntu Server VM on my Proxmox server and set everything up there. I use VS Code via SSH to connect from ...
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HLS Compiler Error PPP (WSL2 + VSCode)

I'm trying to get HLS (Haskell Language Server) working in VSCode using WSL2 so I can get type hints. I've already ran through the week01 instructions so I have a working nix installation. However, ...
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"No unfolding" error in Visual Studio Code

I copied the Plutus starter template, Plutus Platform starter project, and created a file, BasicPlutusTx.hs (and added it under exposed-modules in the .cabal file). Then I started copying over all the ...
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VSCode + Docker setup problems on Mac (Intel)

I am following the steps as described in the repository, using VSCode and Docker. All the dependencies looks good, but it failed on building the ...
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cabal build Out of Memory Mac VS Code Docker

This is a follow up to my previous cabal build problem. I ran cabal update. Then cabal build was killed. I tried increasing Docker memory from 2GB to 3GB. My old Mac has 8GB, Activity Monitor peaked ...
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cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:plutus-core:happy:exe.happy

In the VS Code Docker Env setup on a Mac. I opened the starter project in the container. Ran cabal build in VS Terminal with devcontainer prompt. Warning: Requested index-state 2021-08-14T00:00:00Z is ...
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HSL error for Datakinds extension in Week01 in VSCode

I'm trying to get type definitions for Plutus code in VSCode and I'm getting an unusual error. The first extension in the file is {-# LANGUAGE DataKinds #-} (<- this is a clickable link) and the ...
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Plutus-Start for Windows - Cannot get the docker repository to run (A mount config is invalid.)

I am following : I have downloaded VSCode and Docker. I downloaded the Remote Development extension in VSCode. I then ran "mkdir -p ~/.cabal/...
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Launch.json for VSCode/Haskell? Learning Haskell Plutus

I have VSCode all set up with the necessary Haskell plugins (except I have GHCI 9.x installed via Chocolatey and the plugins want 8.x, ouch! Unfortunately Chocolatey won't accept an 8.x "--...
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Problem with creation of wallet using Javascript

Im using linux-Ubuntu in the WSL of the Windows 10. I have installed Cardano-node and Cardano-cli. Node v14 (latest stable version) ghc 8.10.6 Im trying to create a wallet but on this command: node ...
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haskell-language-server used in VSCode Haskell extension produces spurious INLINABLE compilation error message

When compiling supplied code for Plutus Pioneer Program, the haskell extension for VSCode IDE reports a compilation error. This prevents a lot of useful IDE functions from working, because the IDE ...
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How can you run the Plutus Playground and serve the Haddock documentation from the VSCode DevContainer?

I am still looking to settle on a dev environment for Plutus contracts. I am thinking about using VSCode with the devcontainer, but would like to know how well it all integrates. Is it easy to have ...
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How to get intellisense/auto suggestion working for Plutus in VSCode?

I've been seeing Lars get auto suggestions from his terminal when he's typing. I want the same in VSCode, how to get it? PS: I don't get auto suggestions in cabal repl too.
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Problem starting a plutus devcontainer in windows

After I upgraded my container to the commit from plutus pioneer programm lecture 3 the VsCode server won't spawn anymore in the dev container. VSCode tells could not fetch remote environment Failed ...
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