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10 votes
2 answers

How can I write unit tests for Plutus contracts?

I'm a member of Plutus Pioneer Program. I already know about the Plutus Playground and like it very much. However, clicking all the blockchain action scenarios each time is very time-consuming, ...
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0 answers

Test for logError in Trace monad

How do I write a Tasty unit-test for an error that may be logged from inside the Trace monad? import Control.Monad.Freer.Extras (logError, throwError) trace1 :: Input -> Trace.EmulatorTrace () ...
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1 answer

How do I test my smart-contract on Cardano

I'm from EVM background and I've started learning about Cardano lately. I was just wondering how do I write unit tests for my smart-contract written in Haskell? Since i've been doing unit testing in ...
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Examples of testing on-chain code

There are extensive examples for the testing frameworks for contracts, ie off-chain code, for example as discussed in Lecture 8 of the plutus pioneer program Its ...
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Need to add signatures to plutus-simple-model-transaction

Any idea how to sign a transaction with multiple keys in plutus-simple-model ?
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Simulate Minting Event In EmulatorTrace

My application has a minting script and a validator script that works together. I am using EmulatorTrace to test my application.How do i simulate a minting event in EmulatorTrace?
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