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Questions tagged [ubuntu]

Questions about Cardano-related issues when using the Ubuntu operating system, or in relation to it.

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Error with installing cardano-wallet on Ubuntu

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and trying to install cardano-wallet with this guide. I tried a few times and every time I got this error: ouroboros-consensus-byron > Registering library for ...
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Error when installing nix : the group 'nixbld' specified in 'build-users-group' does not exist

I am trying to install nix/plutus following the below instructions : The first step to install curl when fine. I get below error when ...
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Wil I habe Problems with VirtualMachine?

I have a question: will I have problems installing Nix or Haskell on an Ubuntu VirtualMachine over Win11? Will I have problems with Plutus in the future? Would it be better to install Ubuntu only on ...
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