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How to have a contract on chain for extended periods of time?

In PPP Larz explains that there's a limit to how long a contract can remain on chain, what is that limit and how do I go about extending it?
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How do I set txInfoValidRange on the testnet using cardano-cli

How does txInfoValidRange get set on the testnet? I've been made aware that on the Plutus Playground a piece of off-chain code: "Constraints.mustValidateIn (from now)" will set ...
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Where is the txValidRange default value set?

In lecture 3 of the Plutus Pioneer Program Vesting.hs, I noticed that the example vesting give/ grab endpoints work by waiting a number of slots after the deadline. The script then checks ...
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Working with time in tests

I'm trying to write some tests for EnglishAuction, from Plutus pioneers #1. I want to write a test that first starts an auction and then tries to close an auction before the deadline has passed (...
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Does txInfoValidRange adjust as time continues on?

Given that the function A contains B is true when all of B is contained in A, and false otherwise, wouldn't that mean that the txInfoValidRange info would have to move its "start point" in ...
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