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2 answers

Will Daedalus have a Fiat payment gateway?

I am a rookie at cryptocurrencies: I would like to know if Daedalus will have a Fiat payment gateway. Thank you very much in advance.
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1 answer

Cardano Serialization: How does Ed25519KeyHash work

I'm trying to get cardano-serialization-lib working without up-to-date docs ( The ...
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2 answers

Will the Cardano Rust project eventually allow you to write Smart Contracts?

Discovered this: Looks great. Any rough sense on when Cardano Rust will support smart contracts? Is it being worked on now? Would be amazing.
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1 answer

Wallet transfer upon death - what process is the safest for transferring wallet details to family members after death?

What is a safe / vetted process for handing over wallet details to family members after death?
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How to build smart contract depending on trusted server for additional information

I am trying to build a smart contract that will need to rely on off-chain information from a trusted server in order to gather to the state of something which will impact on how the UTXO should be ...
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