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How to determine the number of actual "transactions" in a transaction?

You may have seen some of the online discussions on Twitter about Cardano TPS (Transactions Per Second) count. It lead me down the rabbit hole of trying to see if I could calculate TPS more accurately....
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on multiple eUTxO and the validation proces

I have an in-depth question that needs good knowledge of the ledger rules. I was thinking about how to program efficiently and design apps such that they are parallelizable, a good practice for ...
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Sending many transactions from one address in quick succession?

I was wondering if anyone has figured out an effective way of sending many different transactions in quick succession from the same address? I have an application that can require making 100+ ...
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Will Hydra (or anything else) reduce transaction times for Cardano in the future?

It's been brought to my attention that Hydra will offer all the scaling necessary but will it also make the blockchain faster? Is it likely Cardano will ever reach an under 10 second time which could ...
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Where to find current transactions per second statistic?

Is there any official website to find it? I can't find it on internet.
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