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How can i get all buy and sell transactions for an NFT using blockfrost?

So I want to use blockfrost to extract all transactions of an NFT that are associated with marketplace trades. I understand that I can get an assets transaction history through /assets/{asset}/history ...
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1 answer

How to specify the Cardano address for BlockFrost Transaction Endpoint?

Hi im trying to call this{address}~1transactions/get from some code I wrote (images attached below) and get a None or Empty value ...
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2 answers

How to get the history of an NFT or NFT Series from blockfrost?

Hi is there a quick API call to get the transaction history of a specific NFT or collection of NFTs in BlockFrost?
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2 answers

How to get transaction info of a public key hash in a plutus smart contract?

Given a PubKeyHash (pkh) how can I get the history of that pkh's transactions from within a plutus smart contract?
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How To Get Address Transaction history into Smart Contract?

If I want the smart contract to alter functionality depending of the history of the signing address, how do I access the history from within the smart contract?