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Will transactions created with a local cardano-node be faster if I add more relays to my node topology file?

I'm using a local cardano-node to do some transactions from time to time. Recently I noticed some error messages in the logs of the node. It seemed like the connection to the relays-new.cardano-...
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Highly-available relay node (round robin & Ouroboros)

I'm thinking of adding multiple relay-node instances behind a load-balancer to avoid downtime during maintenance windows, updates, restarts, etc. From the outside world (public network), this would be ...
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2 answers

Can I avoid using a public IP on Block-Producer (BP) node?

My BP and relays are on the same local subnet, I would prefer to give them the private IP address in the topology files. However, all of the guides I've come across explicitly state using public IPs. ...