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What's the benefit of headers-first sync in Cardano?

Looking at the source code, it seems that Cardano used to not have headers-first sync, but later, it started doing headers-first sync. In bitcoin, there's a benefit in headers-first sync because block ...
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Is there a standart way to sync off-chain metadata (assets, tokens, mints) like cardano-db-sync does with on-chain data (epochs, blocks etc)?

I have running cardano-node-ogmios:v5.6.0_1.35.5 in couple with cardano-db-sync: (docker-compose.yml) and looking for the solution to sync off-chain assets localy. Is there any standart ...
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Daedalus wallet 4.2.0 not syncing

I have a problem with wallet syncing. In fact, the wallet on my imac is not syncing at all. It's not connected to the network. I tried recommendations from a similar post, but nothing worked. I tried ...
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Stopping Cardano node... Daedalus Mainnet (5.3.0#44942bd51)

I have just installed Daedalus Wallet V. 5.3.0 for the first time, in order to stake my ADA Cardano 3,800.00 tokens. I ran the 24 hour initialization synch before loading any ADA. that worked fine. ...
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