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Stopping Cardano node... Daedalus Mainnet (5.3.0#44942bd51)

I have just installed Daedalus Wallet V. 5.3.0 for the first time, in order to stake my ADA Cardano 3,800.00 tokens. I ran the 24 hour initialization synch before loading any ADA. that worked fine. ...
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What's the benefit of headers-first sync in Cardano?

Looking at the source code, it seems that Cardano used to not have headers-first sync, but later, it started doing headers-first sync. In bitcoin, there's a benefit in headers-first sync because block ...
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Is there a standart way to sync off-chain metadata (assets, tokens, mints) like cardano-db-sync does with on-chain data (epochs, blocks etc)?

I have running cardano-node-ogmios:v5.6.0_1.35.5 in couple with cardano-db-sync: (docker-compose.yml) and looking for the solution to sync off-chain assets localy. Is there any standart ...
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Daedalus synch problem

Not always, but very often the Daedalus wallet seems to synchronize completely again. Shouldn't the downloaded blockchain be permanently on the computer and then only the missing rest be synchronized?
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Downtime when upgrading or restarting a node

I run not only Cardano nodes but also Ethereum and other nodes. I think the downtime is longer when upgrading or restarting a Cardano node compared to other nodes. Downtime here is the time between ...
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1.35.3 not syncing since epoch 365

I moved our stake pool LOXE to 1.35.3 (git rev 80b5637a5520648d50b0763d7677ddbe374cd598) on August 20th and it was producing blocks regularly. I noticed yesterday that our block producer was up as a ...
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Chain index stop syncing after slot 62510369, maybe related with new Babbage era

Chain index is not syncing in tesnet after Slot: 62510369, BlockId: d931221f9bc4cae34de422d9f4281a2b0344e86aac6b31eb54e2ee90f44a09b9 I converted to POSIX TIME and is: Friday, 22 July 2022 8:19:45.999 ...
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Problen when sysncing node on mainnet

I runned a node on testnet successfully, then I wanted to do it again but in the mainnet. I installed by following "Coincashew" guide and the developers cardano guide. I am encountering the ...
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Cardano sync stuck with errors: ErrorPolicy and DnsSubscription

Greeting! My cardano-node sync stuck at 99.65% then getting those errors: Cardano-node version - 1.35 Cardano-cli version - 1.35 Any suggestions how to fix those errors? P.S. A few weeks ago sync was ...
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How can I stop Cardano Node correctly without running it as a service?

Is there a way to correctly stop cardano-node different than making it run as a service? I have noticed that, since version 1.34.1, I'm getting the message Validating chunk no. X out of Y. every time ...
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Python equivalent to Ogmios?

Has somebody written a library equivalent to Ogmios, that has the same functionalities, including a chain sync protocol, but entirely written in Python?
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Can't start Cardano Node

I have a node that I had run a few months ago and then stopped using for a long time, a few days ago I decided to start the node again, the node started syncing with no issues but midway trough it all ...
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Yoroi Chrome plugin wallet is not syncing

My Yoroi wallet is not syncing even after running Resync Wallet. It has been many days and the wallet seems to not have made any progress. Is complete restoration the only way out of this?
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Why my cardano-node is now running a strange loop after an upgrade to a higher version?

Lately, after a node upgrade to a higher version (1.30.1), my Block-Producing (BP) node will "stay" in the "start" phase for about 45 minutes making a strange loop by switching to ...
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Why Is Daedalus Mainnet taking so long to Sync My Transaction History with the Blockchain?

I'm running version 4.3.1 and started yesterday morning at approximately 8:30 AM now almost 24 hours later it's still synching at 89.6% complete. I have 186GB free on C:\ drive and a hard wired ...
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Trying to get a Testnet Node Running

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? I am trying to get a testnet node running. After syncing for quite a while I get this error: [DESKTOP-:cardano.node.DnsSubscription:Error:70] [2021-08-26 14:36:47....
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Daedalus wallet 4.2.0 not syncing

I have a problem with wallet syncing. In fact, the wallet on my imac is not syncing at all. It's not connected to the network. I tried recommendations from a similar post, but nothing worked. I tried ...
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How long does it take to sync a node or a Daedalus wallet? What factors does it depend on?

How long does it take to sync (download the blockchain) to a Daedalus Wallet or node. What factors does this depend on (download bandwidth, size of blockchain, upload bandwidth of the source (node))?
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