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Constraints.mustValidateIn in a StateMachine

I have an issue with Constraints.mustValidateIn in a StateMachine. In the case using deadline everything works as expected. But in the case: Interval.from deadline the constraint is never ...
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How to reuse data when updating Token using StateMachine

I'm currently creating a social network-like Dapp on plutus, and I've come across something I don't understand. My Dapp, for example, is NFT(for own identity)->RFT(for sell own content)->NFT(for ...
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StateMachines on Testnet : How to step a client?

I want to run a statemachine on testnet. The SM runs in the emulator, and I can initialize on testnet, but if I try to make a new client it throws an error. The error comes from transition failure, ...
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How to use the plutus pab statemachine with RemoteWalletConfig for Nami and Yoroi

Looking at the demo contract provided in the plutus-apps folder, you can follow the example of the PayToWallet endpoint. In this endpoint, yieldUnbalancedTx provides the instance with an unbalanced TX....
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How to make the ThreadToken for a StateMachine available to and verifiable by every participant?

In a StateMachine, TreadToken can be used for uniquely identifying the "genuine" UTxO sitting at the validator script of the StateMachine. A TreadToken is automatically created when the ...
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