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Does DJED de-peg by definition?

I can't seem to understand how is Djed supposed to hold its upper limit when r=rmin. Theorem 1 holds if r(R,N)> rmin but not when r=rmin which is in a bear market (even slight). Indeed at that ...
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Can you stake stablecoins such as Djed?

Can or will you be able to stake Cardano stablecoins in stake pools for rewards, such as Djed?
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5 answers

The feasibility of stable coins given the min-Ada-value requirement

Cardano requires that every transaction output contains at least a value of 1 Ada. As the documentation points out, this means that it is not possible to send only native tokens in a transaction. I ...
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Can we expect to see already existing stablecoins on Cardano?

I know there is a new stablecoin (AgeUSD) that is supposed to be released on the Cardano blockchain, but I haven't heard anything about having other stablecoins, like Tether (USDT), be added to the ...
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