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Rising trend in blocks missing: what could be the reason? Should we worry?

I came across this fantastic real-time data-visualization site for Cardano: Cardano Blockchain Insights. My question is: why have the missing blocks increased by so much? Epoch 347 is due to some ...
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What is the best/recommended OS to run a stake pool?

What is the best/recommended Linux OS to run a stake pool?
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Can you run a stake pool pseudonymously?

To be a stake pool operator and run a stake pool, can you do this pseudonymously? If so, What are the pro/cons to this? Would this be preferred to prevent hacks, enhance DevSecOp, and potentially ...
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How to upgrade my Cardano node to version 1.30.1 from a Coincashew install?

I installed and configured my node by following the tutorial from Coincashew. Currently running with version 1.29.0, could someone give a procedure to upgrade my node to the higher version safely?
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Lost our IOHK delegation for SPO

So we run [PLBPL]. We received IOHK delegation and our pool has gone from strength to strength. We are south african based and ran the Johannesburg leg of the cardano world summit. We ...
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In experience, what distro of Linux is ideal for SPO

I'm at a point where I'll be running an SPO. I am curious from the current SPOs what version of Linux do they recommend. I've practiced setting up a pool on ubuntu and mint.
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Error when compiling cardano-node 1.35.5

I am getting the following error when trying to compile the new version of the cardano-node: Resolving dependencies... Error: cabal: Could not resolve dependencies: [__0] trying: cardano-api-1.35.5 (...
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Stake pool blockchain sync is incredibly slow

Has anyone synced a node lately? It has been 3 days and I've only reached 75% of the tip. This is much slower than a few months ago. I'm currently only connected to the IOHK North America relay with a ...
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Will stakepool rewards statistically even out over time if I run a pool with a small stake?

If I start a pool with a large pledge of around 170k ADA but I struggle to get people to stake to my pool and I just end up having only the 170k pledge of ADA staked to the pool the entire time the ...
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Highly-available relay node (round robin & Ouroboros)

I'm thinking of adding multiple relay-node instances behind a load-balancer to avoid downtime during maintenance windows, updates, restarts, etc. From the outside world (public network), this would be ...
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Is there a way to get cardano-node version in Prometheus metrics?

Like the title says, does anyone here know of the proper way to go about adding cardano-node version to the cardano_node_metrics being exported by Prometheus to Grafana? I would like to add this ...
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