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Constraints.mustValidateIn in a StateMachine

I have an issue with Constraints.mustValidateIn in a StateMachine. In the case using deadline everything works as expected. But in the case: Interval.from deadline the constraint is never ...
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Plutus Cohort 3: slot count why 11 and not 14

I ran the auction exactly as shown. The slot count at the closing (after the additional wait) comes up to 14, not 11, as shown in the video. (if I add all the waits, the result is, indeed, 14). If the ...
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Why is "Current Time" (slot) validating script logic when its interval is not contained within the deadline interval (as defined in script logic)?

I have locked my "deadline" (which is set into the future) in "POSIXTime" to the On-Chain Datum of my contract. To unlock it, I am using the "current time" (aka current ...
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Diagnosing a POSIXTime discrepancy

My computer's date command is returning a timestamp wildly different from what testnet wants. Using this formula, > slotToEndPOSIXTime testnetConf 55047601 POSIXTime {getPOSIXTime = 1651015217999} ...
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How to Ensure Constant Timing in Contracts Given Slots can be Changed?

The amount of time a slot represents can be changed. This means if I code a smart contract that has some sort of waiting function for N slots, the amount of time it waits for will change with the slot ...
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