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Custom currency error: Cannot build the initial state: Tag "toCardanoPolicyId"

I try to set an initial state of the emulator like so: test :: IO () test = runEmulatorTraceIO' def emCfg myTrace where dist = Map.fromList [ (senderWallet, Ada.lovelaceValueOf 100_000_000) ...
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How to call a endpoint with a new wallet in a already instantiated contract

So I have this code which uses a modified version of the [guess game] ( which parameterizes the validateGuess script with a ...
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How to get the final balances using the PAB+ the simulator?

I'm using the GuessGame: under the simulator, with this code main = ...
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Specify balance during wallet creation in PAB simulator

Using the PAB Simulator from the plutus-starter (version 1.0.9, commit: a85818c27926f34d627225636f463cc6698706fc), I'm getting some odd behavior in terms of wallet creation. I've created a simple ...
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Funding emulator wallets with custom currencies

How exactly can I fund the emulator wallets with custom currencies? Please show an emulator example doing so.
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What is achieved by invoking endpoint for wallet in the emulator?

As per entire code below, give always mandates that Wallet 2 be given: thePkh :: PubKeyHash thePkh = pubKeyHash $ walletPubKey $ Wallet 2 theVal :: Value theVal = ADA.toValue (ADA.Lovelace 3_000_000) ...
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Weird behavior on validation of outputs

So I have a validator that, in particular, checks how many outputs are produced. os = txInfoOutputs info mkValidator :: ... mkValidator = traceIfFalse "Wrong outputs" checkOutput where ...
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The PAB is no longer working after upgrading the Plutus version

I upgraded the Plutus version used by my project to: 2f11c28bd8f6d630daab582255e16d8408075bd7 PS: It is the same version Lars used in his latest lecture (Iteration #2 - Lecture #8) Here is the code I'...
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Plutus Pioneer Program - Problem with plutus playground client

I'm setting up my environment to run the example from lecture #1 (Week01 auction) All compilations went well but when I try the evaluate in the simulator I always receive: interpreter Errors ...
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Blockchain Simulator Chokes on Validation Error

I'm working through Plutus pioneer homework week 2 file Homework1.hs. I believe I've setup the script correctly, but I find that when running the simulator with a transaction that's expected to fail, ...