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Speed of Hydra on the main chain vs a Cardano sidechain

I have an idea for a dapp that needs to settle tens of thousands of transactions per second and there's a grey area in my knowledge when it comes to understanding the limitations of hydra-pay on the ...
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What's the difference between sidechains and hardforks?

What are the pros and cons of creating a new sidechain versus hardforking Cardano if making a variant is desired? Does a sidechain have the same inherent security and as the mainchain thru stake pools?...
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1 answer

Benefits and use cases of Sidechains

From my understanding, a sidechain is just another blockchain with smart contract language capabilities which can speak to the parent chain. And both chains speak to each other using smart contracts ...
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2 answers

How to create a Cardano private network

I need help with a project proposal, but I think this topic could be interesting for many developers and architects. Does somebody know how to start to build a private Cardano network or where I can ...
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How do I make a Sidechain

I want to make a side chain on Cardano to so something that the protocol says should be done on a sidechain, but how do I make one? Can I use Plutus or am I limited to the CLI?
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Details on Mamba?

I've heard Charles mention that Mamba is being actively worked on and might be released in 2022 but I haven't been able to find much information about it. This reddit post suggests that Mamba will be ...
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1.) Do all sidechains require their own token, consensus, node operators, etc?

I just finished IOHK’s whiteboard video about sidechains. I felt like I absorbed much of the information like NiPoPow’s and the problems that sidechains can ...
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1 answer

In depth resources about the Cardano sidechain research and vision

During the 2021 Summit Aggelos briefly mentions a future of Cardano which includes sidechains which will, among other things, enable integration with other blockchains. Does anyone have in depth ...