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What block height was the vasil hardfork?

Additionally, did vasil correlate to a change of era for cardano?
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when and where to use different types of addresses in cardano

From here I know that there are 4 types of addresses: base addresses pointer addresses enterprise addresses reward account addresses For my ...
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Convert a script address to Shelley address using Plutus

I have this script address of the type Plutus.V1.Ledger.Address.Address. Address {addressCredential = ScriptCredential 31559888de4dd413f20557ff39f616eb3e8a52d36528f88e6aef2f8d, ...
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Is Ed25519 is EUF-CMA secure?

Is the signature scheme of shelley (Ed25519) is EUF-CMA secure? The Existential Unforgeability under Chosen Message Attack experiment works like this: The challenger generates a valid keypair (pk, ...
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What are the block heights of the different eras of cardano?

According to the roadmap Cardano has (or will have) five eras. Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho and Voltaire. What block height did Cardano change from one era to the next?
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How to get protocol parameters **only for latest epoch** with GraphQL?

How can I get protocol parameters only for the latest epoch using GraphQL? I can get protocol parameters with cardano-cli: cardano-cli query protocol-parameters \ --testnet-magic 1097911063 \ --...
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Yoroi mobile app isn't showing Add wallet (Shelley era)

I have a question regarding Yoroi mobile. My friend has been using Yoroi Mobile from official source since May 2021. Today, she opened her wallet and did not see "Shelley Era" next to the ...
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Bech32 encoding stake address from Shelley address in JavaScript returning wrong value

I am trying to extract the bech32 stake address from a Shelly address using Javascript. I followed the example steps outlined in the answer another question (thanks for the help!) and put together the ...
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What are the differences between the Shelley and Byron phases of Cardano?

Is there anything of significance beyond Shelley is required for staking?
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