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How do I design a dApp for 1000 NFTs minted per second

I am brainstorming on the architecture of a Cardano dApp that will be able to issue tickets as NFTs and can scale to around 1000 NFT tickets per second. From what I understand so far on UTXO, a ...
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How did SundaeSwap solve the scalability issue associated with consuming the same UTxO more than once in the same block?

I know that this was a very hot topic when SundaeSwap came out. How did the team solve this?
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1 answer

How does Mithril increase Cardano network throughput?

Charles talks about Mithril as a means to light client wallets. My understanding of mithril is it takes a screenshot of sorts of upcoming blocks and by representing the blocks in a lighter manner for ...
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What should I do with a validator which exceeds the maximum size?

In the recent months, I've been working on a conflicts resolution project and was starting to write the Plutus script. The problem is that, because of the complexity required, the script ended up ...
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Will Hydra (or anything else) reduce transaction times for Cardano in the future?

It's been brought to my attention that Hydra will offer all the scaling necessary but will it also make the blockchain faster? Is it likely Cardano will ever reach an under 10 second time which could ...
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General approach for allowing multiple smart contract transactions per block

In some applications, multiple users interact with the same smart contract and may want to do it at about the same time. Such interaction involves updating the state of the smart contract as embodied ...
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What improvements will Basho bring?

I assume it will be a precursor to Hydra, but I haven't heard it talked about very much.
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3 answers

How will Cardano address the ledger growth problem?

Once the ledger size grows beyond the terabyte magnitude, how will Cardano address this issue? Storing and querying anything that large seems impractical to me.
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How would Cardano applications function with intermittent internet connection?

With Cardano's ambition of bringing self-sovereign digital identity and finance to billions of people, it is important to consider that many people do not have constant electricity or stable internet. ...
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