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How Do I Deploy a Wallet Connector to the Website in a Safe Way

If I want to start making a program that connects to the user's web wallet, such as nami in the google chrome browser, how do I ensure the security of the connection? Using Nami and Google Chrome are ...
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How do we check if cardano wallet made by the community is safe to use?

Daedalus and Yoroi were made by IOHK and Emurgo (indirectly), so the credibility is there right from the start, and we can trust it (that it is not meant for malicious intent). But when it comes to ...
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Staying secure for every day users: What recommendations do security experts have for wallet management, safety, maintenance? [closed]

What's the safest way to store BIP39 seed words? What hardware wallet backup options exist? How can I share details on wallet maintenance with family?