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Ledger 24-word seed vs Daedalus/Yoroi 24-word seed recovery process does not generate the same ADAs addresses

Using a Daedalus/Yoroi wallet with the 24-word seed and a new Ledger Nano S Plus. I tried to use the 24-word seed to "recover" the (daedalus) wallet in a new Ledger Nano S Plus, (using ...
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How to restore a wallet from root.prv file

I have a wallet for testnet that I was using for some experiments, I created it using cardano-wallet CLI, generated some recovery phrase that I thought I stored, but probably never did because it was ...
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Daedalus wallet recovery phrase to Cardano Wallet Backend mnemonic sentence + mnemonic second factor

Daedalus wallet recovery phrase is 24 words. Cardano Wallet Backend mnemonic sentence is 15 words and mnemonic second factor is 9 words, adding up to 24 words. I tried restoring a wallet through ...
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Can I use a custom word list for my wallet recovery phrase?

Is it possible to use a custom list of words to generate my Cardano wallet recovery phrase? The reason I think this would be useful is, that one could use words from other languages. As far as I know ...
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15- or 24-word recovery seeds for ADA wallets

In security terms, what is the difference between 15- and 24-word seed? Therefore, which option is recommended (from a security point of view)?
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Why am I prompted to recover Yoroi Wallet every time on startup?

Every time I start the app, despite it logging in, I can not see my wallet. I can see the two options to add a wallet. After that, I can choose between creating, restoring, and connecting to a ledger. ...
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