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Cannot find utxo using cardano-cli on docker cardano-node preprod

I am trying to follow the project based learning program but get stucked here: I started the docker container for cardano-node (
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blockContainsTransactionsByNumber Query returns something like "Cannot return null for non-nullable field Token.asset"

I are facing a serious problem. When I run the following Query on my node, it sometimes returns something like "Cannot return null for non-nullable field Token.asset". However, when I run ...
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Get list of holders of a token using Cardano-cli or Cardano-DB-Sync or Ogmios

I am trying to find a way using either Cardano-cli, Ogmios, or Cardano-DB-Sync to get a list of token holders (addresses) for a particularly token, ideally in JSON format. What is the best way to do ...
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How to query the address that sent a token from cardano-db-sync?

I'm trying to query the token transactions using the schemas of Cardano-db-sync. When querying ADA transactions, I can easily see the input and output addresses with the values sent by joining the tx, ...
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What is the best way to query stake pools by ticker?

As a developer, I'd like to have a service that retrieves the information of a stake pool based on its ticker (or all the stake pools with that ticker, I know there can be duplicates). I'm thinking ...
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First epoch slot and stability window

I am building a Cron job to check leader-slots and during testing/learning phase I saw that the command will not start if the slot isn't greater than first slot of the epoch + stability window slots ...
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How to embed smart contract in website

I am creating a dapp website and which will reward it's users on completing different tasks. I have to create cardano native tokens. My question is that how can I send, lock and burn native tokens ...
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Finding related addresses and total balance of wallet for any given address

In the Daedalus wallet under "Receive" it says Please note that all of your receiving addresses include your stake key. When you share a receiving address, the recipient can search the ...
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What is the testnet-magic argument and why is it 1097911063?

I am currently running a testnet-node version 1.29.0. To query the blockain, I use the command cardano-cli query tip --testnet-magic 1097911063 to get the last block. What is the testnet-magic ...
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How to get data from the Cardano blockchain using SQL queries?

I found the following screenshot where someone uses SQL to query the Cardano blockchain. What is this tool called? Side ...
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