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Get transaction unspent output value

I have payment signing key and staking signing key of my wallet. How can I get transaction unspent outputs with cardano-cli/cardano-serialization-lib/pycardano. I expect to get string like this ...
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Blockfrost API error with pycardano

I get blockfrost.utils.ApiError: {'status_code': 400, 'error': 'Bad Request', 'message': 'Invalid address for this network or malformed address format.'} when using pycardano and this code # Create a ...
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Attempting to build (NFT) transaction in Python and push through Cardano-cli

right now I am getting the system can't find the path specified but I have tried with and without passing the path in as a variable. I am running this in Python 3.6+ in Visual Studio Code on Windows.
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