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Extract keypair from hd wallet address and use for signing/verifying via libsodium

I like to use priv/pub keypair of an hd wallet address to sign/verfify data (outside a transaction signment). Based on this question i know how to derive the private key out of an address and i assume ...
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Selecting Your Own Keys

Is there a way I can specify the prime number product used to generate the public private key pair - on the creation of a wallet address? I understand that the primes in the product would have to meet ...
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how to get public key of nami wallet

wondering whats the simplest way to get the pkh for nami-wallet? Is it possible through the webapp?
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Retrieve Witness Set from Transaction ID

Is there a tool or method to get the set of witnesses (public keys) of a transaction given the transaction ID?
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How to obtain the public key hash in on chain plutus validator?

It seems public key hash is generated from blake2b_224 but in on-chain validator we only have blake2b_256. Is there any way to obtain public key hash from public key in cardano plutus?
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