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Proof-of-Stake model states that an individual can validate transactions according to how many coins they hold.

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How secure is Ouroboros Proof of Stake compared to Bitcoin Proof of Work?

It is generally thought of that Proof of Work is more secure than competing consensus algorithms. What security guarantees does using a Bitcoin PoW provide, and how does Ouroboros Praos compare? Will ...
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Why is PoS much faster than PoW?

My understanding of the topic is this: Proof-of-Work Miners compete with their hashrate for the right to publish a block. Proof-of-Stake Validators are randomly elected to validate a block. Why is ...
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How is new ADA created?

In a Proof-of-Work protocol, a certain amount of the blockchain's native coin is issued with the minting of a new block as a way to reward miners for their efforts and involvement in the network. As ...
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Where can I find formal work comparing PoS and PoW models?

For some time now I have been trying to find some clear and objective comparison of proof-of-stake (PoS) and proof-of-work-based (PoW) consensus protocols. Unfortunately, pretty much every comparison ...
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How are the key parameters that control Cardano governed?

I am looking to understand the 7 special keys that control all the parameters for cardano. How it's controlled, who gets to control it, and what each parameter means.
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Is it possible that an honest validator node gets penalised in Cardano's POS scheme?

Want to understand if there can be scenarios where a stake pool gets penalised even though it does not act maliciously. If this risk exists, what are the possible cases that can lead to penalties and ...
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Will Ouroboros Crypsinous be included in Ouroboros Omega?

Last year at the 2021 Cardano Summit, IOHK provided a YouTube video that overviews the Ouroboros family of protocols developed since 2016, the consensus enhancements and security features they provide,...
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What is the exact implementation of proof of stake in Cardano?

I have a rough idea of what proof of stake does. However, I'd like the exact implementation (not the code) but a high-level description with hopefully some actual number, e.g. how many pools verify ...
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Difference between Ouroboros' Proof of Stake and Solana's Proof of History

What are the key differences between Ouroboros' Proof of Stake and Solana's Proof of History in aspects such as security, decentralization, functionality, efficiency (such as number of transactions ...
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Does ADA have any credit features built into it?

Are there any feature of Cardano ADA or its ecosystem that make borrowing against ADA held easier or better than other cryptocurrencies? Will all credit require that an application be developed to ...
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Is a block winning a height battle with a 43 second prop time a potential form of MEV?

Would someone please be so kind as to explain how a block with a 43 second prop time wins a height battle??? Block #: 6777986 Pool ID: 2cf87fadec7130c7e41910492073ae4dbe65ca462c1fdc3d2a56d015 ...
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Is there a publicly available Cardano API with pre-indexed blockchain data?

I'm looking for a public API that has idempotent endpoints that can be used to query for transaction data for a given address. Specifically, I'm looking for reward payout data. Does this exist in this ...
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What is the best/recommended OS to run a stake pool?

What is the best/recommended Linux OS to run a stake pool?
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How can I receive, earn or stake Cardano without buying it on an exchange first?

I'm interested in participating in the Cardano ecosystem, and I'm looking for ways to receive, earn or stake ADA without initially buying it on a cryptocurrency exchange. I understand that with ...
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Can temporary forking occur in Cardano's protocol?

In Bitcoin's protocol (and similar PoW systems), at one point chain might temporarily split in two and two different chains will be maintained up until one outpaces the other and proves itself as the ...
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Strongest arguments against self-referentiality in PoS

I recently came across an argument of self-referentiality in PoS and I'm wondering what's the strongest counter-point to this idea? In essence, the idea is that in PoS you Similarly reduced, proof-of-...
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May I lose my coins when staking in Exodus wallet?

Is there any potential risk of losing all my ADA coins when staking with Exodus partner Everstake?
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Difference between staked and delegated tokens?

I'd like to clarify my understanding of staked and delegated tokens. Cardano website says: Ada held on the Cardano network represents a stake in the network, with the size of the stake proportional ...
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When will k parameter be changed?

Is there any news on when k=1000 will happen?
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Why Ouroboros Chronos and Proof-of-History need synchronization of time?

Which problem is solved if the time is synchronized between nodes? I know of two protocols which implement time synchronization: Ouroboros Chronos and Proof-of-History, how do they differ?
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Block Propagation

I was checking GLiveView Stats on my pool and I noticed that served, under block propagation in block producer and relays have different values, 20 on BP and 2000 on Relay after 15H of Uptime. Why ...
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What's the benefit of headers-first sync in Cardano?

Looking at the source code, it seems that Cardano used to not have headers-first sync, but later, it started doing headers-first sync. In bitcoin, there's a benefit in headers-first sync because block ...
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Ouroborous vs Tendermint [closed]

What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of Ouroborus (a Proof of Stake system) vs Tendermint (a BFT system)? Some high level advantages of Tendermint I've seen so far (though I might be ...
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