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Whats the function to get the current time in Plutus?

Im using the time module in the ledger class to do some custom validation logic, but everything is done as intervals and I cant find the function that gets the current time. What is it?
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2 answers

Diagnosing a POSIXTime discrepancy

My computer's date command is returning a timestamp wildly different from what testnet wants. Using this formula, > slotToEndPOSIXTime testnetConf 55047601 POSIXTime {getPOSIXTime = 1651015217999} ...
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How to Ensure Constant Timing in Contracts Given Slots can be Changed?

The amount of time a slot represents can be changed. This means if I code a smart contract that has some sort of waiting function for N slots, the amount of time it waits for will change with the slot ...
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1 answer

Is there a way for a contract to look at the duration of the timeslot?

Are there oracles for knowing in real time the duration of the Cardano time slot in real time ? One learns in the Plutus Pioneer Program that the duration of this time slot can change, is there a way ...
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2 answers

Is there a way for a validator to get the current time?

Is it possible for a validator to get the current time without it being passed in via the redeemer? My validator is heavily dependent on the time being correct so it would probably be a bad design ...